Helpful SEO Tips

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for a website nowadays. Did you know that most companies are capitalizing on all the online marketing platforms out there and continually changing and adding their business’s information to move with the times.

SEO promotes website traffic, which brings enquiries either telephonically or via enquiry forms, emails, social media, backlinks, articles and blogs, directory listings. There are allot of resources nowadays that can assist you in getting your website to an accepted level so that it is recognized by Google.

A few basic steps to improve your website’s SEO:

Firstly, get your website’s content written to incorporate targeted keywords on each page – for example: Your content on each page must have at least 300 words, of which are interesting, to the point and provide information to the reader of exactly what your services offer or what products you are selling. Include a few images relating directly to what you are promoting on your web page and insert image tags on each image that will include your main keyword as well as your company name (each image tag should be unique, but relevant to the page it is on)

Helpful SEO Tips

Create internal links on each page, for example: Within a paragraph you can have “see more information on DT Web Designs’ SEO by clicking here” – This link will take you to another page within this same website.

Google also really likes outbound links, which would be something like this: Click here for more SEO tips from  – This link will take viewers to another website where they can read more about tips on SEO (Yes, I know what you are thinking, no!… I don’t want to direct others away from my website! You are correct, but remember use this one only where you have help pages, blogs, news, vital information necessary, otherwise use wisely and not necessarily for each page where your main sales leads are being generated from)

MORE Helpful SEO Tips

To further SEO each web page, you should have the main keyword/s in the top header and include it in the opening sentence and ensure that you mention the same keyword / s at least 4-5 times throughout the entire page – but becareful not to overdo it and also use it naturally so it doesn’t seem like you’ve deliberately jammed or slotted the keyword in there just to meet the minimum and maximum SEO criteria.

Take it one step further, but also don’t overdo it (for the sake of SEO), create a Youtube video for about 2 minutes in length and include this on your home page or the page that you want to pull in the most website traffic to your website. One video is great, however if you need to include multiple videos, then ensure you have tagged each one uniquely in Youtube. See this interesting article with steps on how to rank your video on Youtube

Another good idea is to register your company on Google places for business – where you can officially register your website once it is up and running with Google and even go as far as to adding your physical location on Google maps – an extremely great idea to do. Remember there is a wealth of knowledge that you can search for and find many other tips, these are just a few foundational tips to get you going. Keep it simple, to the point, clean and easy for your viewers & customers. More Helpful SEO Tips to follow shortly

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