Helpful WordPress Tips

WordPress is a wonderful and easy to use platform for either creating custom-built websites or theme-based websites where you are able to simply render ready-made web pages. The pros of WordPress far outweigh the cons. WordPress is a CMS-based platform, which allows you to easily begin creating, editing or deleting any content from text, images, links, embedding videos like Youtube and Vimeo and much more.

With WordPress, you are able to create an online shop using ecommerce add-ons and plugins, you can run a donation website, a multiple vendor website, a business listing site, blog site or just a standard information website. More helpful tips for WordPress.


Helpful WordPress Tips – DT Web Designs

To begin using wordpress, ensure you have a domain (example: and a hosting account) then, contact your hosting provider or website administrator and ask them to setup a wordpress platform for you and to provide you with the logins. DT Web Designs provides all of the above at affordable rates.

Remember for any project, you need to set aside some time to find your way around wordpress and get used to it. There are plenty of helpful WordPress tutorials on Youtube for beginners and also for more advanced users. Then you will need time to plan things like what pages you would like on the website, do you have a logo or do you want just a text logo that you only need to type in. What colors do you want to see from the header at the top of the page and working your way down the page to the footer area?


DT Web Designs specializes in building customized and theme-based wordpress websites with all your company’s information, colors and style incorporated into the design. With many years experience, we can get the website designed so that all you have to do is simply edit the content accordingly. Should you require edits from time to time, or regular edits as well as maintenance, DT Web Designs will gladly assist you.

1. Plan what your website will look like

Planning is key, so set a bit of time aside creating the layout for your website and what pages you would like on there. Start with the home page.

2. plan the content and design

Think of your website content, as well as the overall design and what you want to achieve from having a website. You will be saving allot of time and frustration by planning this and it will better aid you on exactly where to begin on your new website. Best is to start from the very top of the site (logo, menus, headings, images) and work your way down through the mid section where you will have your content describing your business and what services or products you are offering. Then work your way to the very bottom of the page where you will have things like social media links, page links, copyright, quick helpful links if you would like and anything else that you may want like a mail subscribe form or link, etc.

website layout tips – DT Web Designs

3. jump straight in

Don’t procrastinate, begin either by using DT Web Designs to provide you with relevant assistance and a quotation OR do it yourself – don’t forget to see this easy wordpress tutorial for beginners.


Keeping content on your site brief and to the point, easy and non-cluttered with plenty white space is key to keeping your viewer’s / the public’s attention and not losing them due to their frustrations of not getting exactly what they want and need in the quickest time possible. Remember to keep your image sizing as compressed but clear as possible – this can be achieved by making use of Photoshop image compression using the export function – see screenshot below.

Once you have clicked ‘Save for Web (Legacy)… the next block will appear where you can adjust the quality with a preview of the image as well as the loading time for that image – see below screenshot.

5. Test your website

Testing your website’s display on different pc’s, screen sizes and mobile devices is vital nowadays as mobile devices are dominating the market nowadays and the majority of people are looking at websites on these devices, however there is still a large portion of the population also browsing via laptops and pc’s worldwide. Don’t forget to test your website on different website browsers like Safari on Apple Mac, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer and a few other popular website browsers – don’t stress about every website browser on the planet, but the above ones mentioned are your most popular ones used nowadays.


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